I am having a sort of crisis. I am 44 and spent my 20's and 30's living globally. I was a digital nomad before digital nomad was a thing.

I hanged out with extremely rich people in Switzerland, partied with fun Colombians in their country, learned some Vietnamese with country folk in the mountains of Vietnam and slept under a tent in the Sahara with a caravan of North Africans.

However upon reaching my age I visit my siblings who stayed home, got jobs, bought homes etc. and see a financial success in them I simply lack.

Their life is stable while mine is still on waiting to settle mode. Economically I am ok but not anywhere near their stability. They got their retirements in check, their projects, their stuff going for them while is still in building mode. (They all had kids, I didn't).

I spoke about this to my sister who told me that I did things very few do.... I have seen the world, I have a perspective most lack, I have an understanding of humanity most don't ever reach.

She told me most people settle and work and build and die.... but I can say I was different. I am the cool worldly interesting uncle at family parties!!
For some reason it doesn't give me any satisfaction.

She says is a classical example of the grass in greener!

I am not homeless, nor bankrupt, but I simply never got to jump on the rat race bandwagon and I feel like I missed out.

Am I speaking non-sense?


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