What do you all expect in regards to supplies from a monthly stay Airbnb? I just checked into a place in Southwest England for a month stay and was provided with only 2 rolls of toilet paper and 5 laundry pods. There’s no paper towels, no cooking oil (just S&P), 4 pots but only 1 very scratched Teflon pan, no Tupperware, no tin foil or sarean wrap. I wrote to the host assuming that the cleaner didn’t realize I was staying for 1 month and the host said they only provide the basic provisions to get us started. I feel like everything I listed above ARE basic provisions. I feel a bit mislead because in a place this highly rated and this expensive I’d expect those basic items.

Am I expecting too much here or is this host really as stingy as I think they’re being? Curious to hear what you all generally experience with Airbnb monthly stays.


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