How to avoid getting my phone stolen in South America? (9 months travel)

(Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia)

My phone (LG v50) costs $600 and I want to bring it to take pictures of Machu Pichu, Uyuni salt flats, etc. (otherwise I would bring my DSLR Canon 750D for $1.000, but it might be too much to carry for taking those pictures)

Is it worth it to buy a cheap smartphone for $100 to carry around most of the time? Because I like using my phone for GPS when walking around and would also like to sit on do internet research while taking public transport or similar, but this probably increases the risk of getting it stolen? Then I could bring my $600 phone when going to big attractions where I want high-quality photos?

What do you do to avoid getting your phone stolen in South America? (How common is it?)

Would you buy a shitty cheap mobile phone for everyday life and then bring your expensive phone or DSLR camera for big attractions?


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