Hello everyone! Are there any fellow psychotherapists / counsellors in this group actually working remotely? Our profession it's solitary enough when it comes to private practise and by being a nomad this could even be more noticeable as we are far from our usual networks. It would be great to be in touch with fellow nomad psychologists and start building up some sort of network and why not to find that peer support and exchange that makes our usual work both motivating and efficient.

The groups I'm active in are most of the time Spanish-speaking and it's a challenge for me to find English-speaking professionals whom to refer my own patients/clients and other consultations (i.e. I'm currently looking for some specialist in vocational guidance for one of my patients). Maybe this publication could also help some other DNs to identify us in case of any inquiry regarding psychotherapy 🤓

Wish you all a great week!

Greetings from my "office" in Belgrade 🇷🇸


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