Guys! Must choose between Quito, Ecuador and Guadalajara or Puebla, Mexico. Please "sell" me your preferable option 😅

What I love:

  1. Mexico city (however wanna try smth new and with cleaner air possibly)
  2. Cosmopolitan city with lots-to-go and women-polite streets (girls, I bet you know what I mean)
  3. Big city and fancy dinners on weekdays, nature hiking on weekends
  4. Expats/Digital nomads community

Also most probably I will be alone for Christmas and New Year, so if any of you have massive&festive plans and have a space to join for Celebration - this for sure might be the difference maker 🤓🎄

P.S.: non-drinker, non-clubber, but neither non-vegan (gosh, probably now I got the reason I would probably be alone for Christmas, LOL 😃 no offence here please! 🧡)

Cheers and thank you all in advance! 🙏


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