Hi community,

This is an emergency. I need your help. I'm currently in Alanya, Turkey where the internet is very unstable. I work as an English teacher online and could possibly be dismissed due to this.

When I moved here from Bali, I didn't expect the wifi to be this bad. I have TurkTelekom and have tried using my phone as a hotspot, but it's not dependable.

Can any of you vouch for a country that's near here, not expensive, and with very good wifi?

Um...wifi that doesn't go out all the time? I'm thinking of Tirana, Albania. The community there isn't giving me specific information about the quality of wifi. I'm only getting "the wifi is good" which isn't helpful. I need low ping with minimum upload/download speeds of 10/10.

I'm very much on edge, so please be kind. I paid rent on this place until November 17. There's no chance of getting my money back.


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