$61.40 in fees on a booking value of only $164.42 is absurd. And that’s just on the guest end and not counting the fees charged to the host. There’s got to be something better. What say you Airbnb? The platform now spends a lot of resources, time and effort blocking and preventing hosts and guests from being being able to exchange contact information in an effort to exchange services off the AirBnB platform. Surely the fees have long since passed the point of diminishing returns. Were they just to lower the fees to something more reasonable, less people would seek to make alternative arrangements and they wouldn’t be any worse off. The place I’m renting currently in Ajijic was listed on AirBnB yet I made arrangements for the property privately through the real estate agent. I am paying slightly more than half what it would have cost in AirBnB and the host is actually putting more money in her pocket. Likewise I just rented a place in Mérida that was listed on AirBnB but I made private plans with the host for less than two thirds the cost to use AirBnB. The platform and it’s investors have received nothing of those transactions.

As a last example, I can typically get a hotel in Guadalajara, walking distance to the plaza for about $24 - $26 all fees and taxes in. I could get a hotel much cheaper but that’s a simple, one room king bed. Nothing excessive but clean and well situated. That same room on AirBnB would be double that amount. The fees alone would be $24-$26. There are scenarios in which the fees aren’t quite as bad. Monthly stays and/or far more expensive units for example. But the fees, structured as they are, make for an entirely unpractical scenario for some host-guest transactions.

  • some apparent misconceptions in the comments; Cleaning fees (if there are any) are set by the host and there is a hidden commission added by AirBnB. Even still they’re usually reasonable. Occupancy taxes and fees are remitted to government but do not begin to cover the actual remittances and hosts have to remit additional taxes. What is not seen in this invoice is the fees and commission paid by the host. Having spoke to the host in person, I can tell you that between the fees I paid and the fees the host paid, AirBnB made more on this transaction than the host or the government.

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