I recently accepted a job offer that gave me everything I hoped for. I thought I’d share my benefits package to show you all what’s possible. You can negotiate for these types of benefits as well as more money. The right company who values you will prove it through how they compensate. We all deserve exactly what we want and need. For me that is having the autonomy to be where I want to be, working on bettering the world and having time to live a healthy balanced and fulfilled life. Manifest what you want and deserve!

**Update: Wow I didn’t expect to get so many responses. Thanks for all the kind words. I’ll try to respond to everyone in due time. To clarify I’m a US employee for a UK based tech company as a delivery manager. Yes I am in a very privileged place currently, but wasn’t always here. I began practicing negotiations with my last employer and got shot down plenty of times but kept asking. They were a US tech company that offered some similar benefits but not all. I recommend we all practice asking for what we want until hopefully someone listens (or you provide it for yourself). Last year, I left my full-time employer to freelance and work on community projects. I lived without health insurance for a year through out this pandemic so yes I’m really excited to have insurance again! And you don’t have to be an exceptional person

Be mindful I am not comfortable sharing specifics of my employer, but this is a standard package (more or less) for UK/Europe tech companies and even some of these benefits can be found with US tech companies. My last US employer offered unlimited DTO and partial remote, ie they got mad when we took off more than 2 weeks even though it was supposed to be “unlimited” and wanted us back in the office whenever they liked to micromanage.


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