Question for fellow nomads who use air bnb...

I recently ended up stranded with limited funds and ended up staying in an EXTREMELY bad air bnb. The issues just kept coming over the 3 weeks but I 1. Didn't want to attempt to change places with limited funds and time left and 2. Really believed the host would do something to fix the issues. The issues were bad. At one point I couldn't shower as raw sewage was coming out. When I messaged the owner (different than the host on site) through the app his response was appalling. Basically just insults. So I left a basic but honest review. The problem is that he retaliated by leaving a long review full of complete lies about me. Literally nothing he wrote is remotely true. I've had dozens of air bnbs and never had even a negative comment. It's my understanding that air bnb won't get involved in review disputes. What are my options to get this review removed?

Photo of one of 3 full trash cans i found when I checked in. They hadn't even changed the sheets from the previous guests.


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