I live in Belgium with my little family. We are completly fed up with this country and europ. I have a dream like lots of people here. But I have skills :

  • I'm web designer (e-commerce, website, graphics,...).
  • I know adobe suite, office suite.
  • I knnow a lot about dropshipping (But I hate screwing people, so I don't want to sell crappy goods).
  • I know about social network ads.
  • I know computers component.

I would love to quit everything to go to bali or other part of the world with quiet countryside and quiet politics situation. I kow Bali because i went to indonnesia lots of time.

If you have some experience with the life i would love to, if you did this crazy thing to quit everything. How did you do it ?

With my skills, do you think I am able to give to my family a socially and economically pleasant life?

If you have some idea and some advice. I would love to hear you. You can also MP me. Thanks a lot ;)


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