<#UPDATE BELOW> Best Destinations for single nomad (30s straight guy) for quarter4 and/or quarter1? (IMO: often places that are the best for single men are the worst for single women and vice versa, not trying to push anyone's buttons) These would be pluses: expenses <1.5k$/month, good weather, Group Sports Activities, latin/ballroom dance, other expats (specially if entrepreneurs). Dislikes: Hook Up Culture, NeoFeminism, Mid-Left or Extreme-Right. Trying to avoid America(s) and Latin or British culture as they are not that interesting for me anymore, hold 3 passports, Speaks Sp/En but the language doesnt matter too much. Thx

[UPDATE: Thanks for all your responses, notes: 1- "Dislikes: Hook Up Culture", 2- hold 3 passports that complement each other, not confident leaving that info in public, 3- not cool to troll, this post is not a joke, nothing wrong w seeking detailed advice based in real experience, 4- advice coming from men shorter than 6f, making less than 100k, w real DN entrepreneural experience w real friends of all races n not only yours will be considered more accurate, 5- I dont consider my list to be too difficult or long compared w female DN lists nowadays n my success rate...]


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