Hey fellow nomads!

Finishing with UK this autum and looking for a new destination.

I have previously enjoyed my stay in Spain, Israel, Mexicu (Tulum and the area).

thinking of where to go next for a span of 1 year.

My working projects are dependant on US/UK timezone , so i am not sure the far asia like Bali is a good detination for me, as i prefer to wake up early (6am) and start my day early and finish early.

My current thoughts are going back to Tulum for 6 months.

Would be happy to hear any additional recommendations.

basically what i am looking for: -2 bedroom apartment with a lot space and access to private/shared pool , common areas that i can invite people and practices etc at my house or the common area of building complex - around 2,500usd/mo

-weather that stays around the 28 degrees celcius

-fresh air and a lot nature around

-very affordable day to day cost of living (not inluding the accomodation)

  • presense of community specializes in hollistic activities (thats for my personal growth) soundhealing / temazcal / ceremonies / yoga etc

for now, Tulum and the area (playa del carmen) ticks those boxes, but would be happy to hear new suggestions :)

thanks and with big love ilya


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