I have a problem. When I travel solo, I tend to not "do" very much. Alas I was in Guatemala for a month last month and did barely anything. I kinda need travel companions to keep me motivated. Like "hey let's go check out this museum".

So, fellow nomads, anyone interested in joining me for some or all of the following:

Serbia (start in Belgrade, open to other cities) May 1-?

Turkey (start in Istanbul, open to other cities) June

Egypt (start in Cairo, open to other cities) July.

Not necessarily looking for roommates, though that's not off the table, I'm fine with getting my own place or sharing. Or hostels.

I'm going on 13 months of traveling but just recently going solo and I just don't think I'm a good full time solo traveler. I work full time (flexible hours thankfully) and barely take calls, just need internet. I'm fun, empathic, smart, and have a great budget.

I really just need some travel friends! Any takers?


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