Long term DNs I need your advice How do you deal with balancing the feeling of home obligations and traveling? I’ve been traveling for about 15 months and am obsessed / addicted to this lifestyle ha. One of my close friends is getting married and wants me to be involved with the bachelorette party and wedding but what it would cost to be involved in the wedding activities is what I would spend in multiple months. I’m from the states and currently traveling in Mexico, so physically I could be there, but financially it’s not really feasible if I want to be able to travel like I do. I have talked to her about my financial stuff and she’s fine with me not being there, but I just feel guilty because I want to be able to live both lives. I know the obvious of working/making more - which I can do, but I feel like this won’t be the first time this problem comes along. And honestly, even if I am making more, I’d rather not spend it on expensive accommodation and meals because in my opinion, this is just a waste. Any advice on how to balance this like very specific problem?


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