has this happened to anybody else in kiev, especially to people who very clearly do not look ukrainian or slavic?

i met this very cute local girl when i was in kiev. we spend some time together, hit it off, and after a few times of going out, she tells me she wants to take ME out to some restaurants and a dessert place she likes. it requires us to get on the train to get there. so we go. i am more or less the only non-white guy on the train. i stick out like a sore thumb. she's sitting next to me. two local police ..who are big guys...get on, spot me, scope me out, and a couple stops later, they come over, and ask me if i am drunk. i'm not and tell them i'm not. i drink very little in general. one of the cops pulls out a breathalyzer and tells me to blow into it. i'm hesitant to do so because it seems very fishy, but i do it anyway because i have nothing to hide, and i'm stuck. rather than clear me, the thing shows i'm "over the limit" (it's rigged), and the police make me and my female friend i with...get off the train near the police station. they originally just tell me i've broken the law in a pretty calm non-chalant sort of manner, but literally as soon as they see i have a US rather than an Indian passport, they get very dramatic about how bad of a criminal act i've committed, telling me i have no respect for ukrainian culture, that i am a "loose" american, etc. they tell me the fine for this crime is time in ukrainian jail. it's very over-the-top. at the station, these guys take my passport and all my stuff, separate my friend and me, and sit me in this room by myself against my will. i was there a really long time. i got so bored from sitting in this empty room that i fell asleep. eventually, my friend comes into the room, wakes me up, gives me back my stuff, and we leave... she has tears welling up in her eyes...and as soon as we get outside, she breaks down and starts crying.... i ask her what the f*** just happened, and she tells me (she speaks good english), "this is scam. they ask me to pay fine. 500 American dollar. he tell me that if i do not have the money, i can make him sexual favor, and he will let you go. so i am scared. then they take me my bank and stand there, and i give them UAH amount of this money, then they are saying how i am so pretty, and i beg for to leave. this is when i come get you...."

luckily, this girl is pretty well-to-do and comes from a fairly well-off family so she had the money. but imagine if she didn't? absolutely disgusting. i had cash back at my hostel in the amount that she negotiated to pay instead ($300), and i gave it to her. i had no recourse against the police because i was in a foreign country and completely vulnerable...so i ended up out $300 and more importantly, my friend was almost trapped into a seriously horrible and vile situation that nobody should ever have to deal with....


is this one a one-off scam? or is this known? has this sort of thing happened to anybody? what say you?

Btw- I know for sure the girl was not in on it.

Anyway, your replies are greatly appreciated.



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