If anyone is looking for a change of scenery my dad has a small hotel in beautiful Montezuma, Costa Rica. He's remodeled 3 of the suites in his hotel and turned them into kitchenettes. His hotel offers strong WiFi throughout, as well as several options to work from outside your suite: a large balcony overlooking the town park where you'll be visited by a variety of wildlife (monkeys, birds, koatis, racoons, iguanas) and in the internal garden where you can enjoy the sound of running water from the fountain. The hotel is located 100 yards from the beach, and you can walk or horseback ride to several other beaches from there. The town is a very quiet and peaceful nook of the Pacific coastline, where a lot of Italian and French expats have opened amazing and affordable restaurants right on the sand.

$650/month, includes electric, water and WiFi. inquire about shorter stays

Pets: cats are ok, no dogs at the moment.


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