Mexico Field report:

**Arrival: **Arrived here 1 month ago from Ecuador via AeroMexico, will this as a base for winter refuge and plan to visit few cities across.

Visa & entry: Visa free for 6-months as a holder of Canadian passport. RETURN TICKET IS REQUIRED FOR ENTRY. No Covid19 tests are required, No qurantine was required. Took an uber directly from Airport to Airbnb $4 USD.

Covid19: Cases are still rising but I am here for a month now. Things are opening up, next week museums and most tourist sites are opening up as well in Mexico City. People are wearing masks and kinda doing distancing looks OK. All shopping malls test your temp and ask you to disinfect ya hands.

**Border: **OPEN for the world

Climate: Range from 18C to 30C depending on the city. Its just perfect place for winter escape.

Rent: $300-$600 studio/1BD per MONTH, depending on many variables neighborhoods and all. Bigger place may be more. This is not a RESORT / HOTEL Prices :) they are much more generally but right now some great deals are available as well.

INTERNET: In Mexico city where I am its 30MBPs up and down I am having without a problem. I heard on smaller beach cities there could be internet issue but not if you live in a coliving or coworking. They usually have high speed internet. Generally Internet is great in Mexico. Double check your airbnb though.

**Food: **Cheap. Dominos medium pizza vegetarian $5-$6. Groceries are ultra cheap tambian. Many Vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Mexico City and Cancun. Not sure about other cities. But generally a meat based cuisine.

Cities: I am in Mexico city, but planning to go to coast and explore ancient cultural sites and beach cities. Best cities are: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, CDMX, Puerto Escondido, Merida, Guadalaraja, Oaxaca state, Chiapas (missing please add).

Social life: There is a big community of Expats and also a decent number of DNs are coming every day but due to Covid there are not many events as expected.

If you are Mexico, lets connect Familiaaaaaa


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