Life in Montenegro 🙂 Feel free to ask questions about DN / Expat life here 🤗 Update: I have so many people adding me but it's my personal fb account so I've decided to create an FB group for Montenegro Digital Nomads where you can also ask questions or meet other expats/ DN who are also based here -

Hello guys, my name is Kach, and a new member of the group! I’ve been working as a travel blogger and living the digital nomad life since 2013 until last year when my husband and I unexpectedly decided to live in Montenegro. We bought a house and now planning to live here long-term but still travel and go on overland trips. 🤗

I’m from the Philippines and my husband is British. We chose to live here because of low taxes & cost of living, good internet and really easy to get a residency even for someone who have PHL passport like me (gateway to Europe!).

I got the residency visa even before we bought the house as it’s easy, fast (less than a month) and really cheap to set up a company and “hire myself” as the Director.

Question - are there other Digital Nomads who are in Montenegro now? Would love to meet up. We’re in Herceg Novi.

If you guys have any questions about life here or planning to visit. Feel free to reach out and we’d love to host some of you 🙂

(Photo from our house)


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