🌊I have to constantly remind myself Pleasure is not the same as happiness, constant travel makes it too easy to have pleasures at the stake of happiness 🌊

I think i regret spending so many years wandering the globe -like 8 years - i mean it’s been 🤘awesome but i didn’t get more than i lost i think overall in opportunities for many of the years - i mean after the 2nd /3rd year of having the times of my freakin life slow traveling 🕺💃🤘🥰maybe i should have maybe tried to stay in one place more 🧘🏻‍♀️

i mean it’s fun and i always meet lots of fun people easily- so many highs after highs when you get to see new stuff all the time - even easier to meet friends and “romances” right? when you’re new and traveling —everyone wants to go out or lends to talking to each other much easier 🎉🎉🎉. locals from poor countries want to marry /friend you for money/passport and the ones from rich countries want to bed ugh since they think you’re easy as an american tourist. The funny attention is constant.

but the number one complaint for nomads over and over in these groups seems to be —- loneliness 🤕 we don’t stay long enough to develop friends that stay around us later than a few weeks or months - a year or two even

let’s be clear it has nothing to do with how many people you are meeting this week but rather how deeply they know you- and how you can depend on them and be around them without explaining jokes or being polite and formal when you’re tired and just want to plop on a couch; it’s the ease and the bond 🌈

I am an extrovert and due to nomading and studying abroad, I have friends all over the world - i tend stay in a place for months if not a couple years so i even have good friends but alas they are not here now and we have lost contact over the years

my college friends and family all have the closest of friends around them for their birthdays etc - friends who for the most of them will still be there 10 /20 years from now - and i just returned to california and am no longer as close to many people - this pandemic i find myself especially alone compared to others

traveling makes me appreciate other cultures but it also makes appreciate home a lot more than before. At this point i would trade the world for strong relationships - that’s the best in life to me

  • a community i am part of, have substantial and easy conversations with and can care for each other - in neighbors, groups and friends - old and young - people i would not be friends normally (due to difference in age or whatever) if it not for seeing them often and growing into it

wandering the globe you keep chasing what’s better out there / what more there is to see but in the end it’s just mostly more pleasure and not true happiness

-i have such a travel bug and i need to keep reminding myself to stay still at home

i was so ready to do this in the town of my choice - i moved myself there again and then the pandemic happened

i’m just really sad that’s all- 💔i’m a person that has a cheery disposition and joke naturally All the time - and as an adult I have never really been unhappy long except for after breakups - my life and work are great and my passion also otherwise - but i am getting glimpse of semblances of inner depression even as a cheery person still - an inner lull like my heart is breaking slowly and surely and that it will just get worse as we age

  • i wish i wasn’t as restless - that i just stayed more over the years
  • then i would have more substance and happiness now - not to mention maybe even a life partner/children maybe (i’m not a causal person so dating travelers has never been conducive to relationships - not that is is for many people but esp for me)

oh well i’m just down in opportunities it seems- especially now -maybe just now dating apps maybe due to my young spirit brings me constantly men half my age that want just to be sexy

  • not many attractive men older than me online and or they have kids already

🔥but after this dumb pandemic I can do better - maybe i won’t have kids but i can have community and bonded love - i still have time even as it’s harder as you get older and everyone is married or with kids and work- it’s harder to have the time and life opportunities you had before to form tight friendships especially as i work from home without co workers - i mean as DNs we develop a buisnesses as not to go into an office and then we pay good money to have an office to hope for co workers like people again because the consequence over time is so good even if it’s not always the most fun choice

  • i vow now to DN in the place of my choice - my home base of choice - and travel for vacation mostly only i think with whatever work is minimally necessary - vacationing is way more fun in a shorter time than working while traveling - even though they both have some fun pluses

it may not always feel the most fun - but i know it’s the healthiest in the long run for me- after all no one is more fun than my best friends i choose - nothing is more important than being close to family the older i get - and nothing makes me feel more at home and at peace than hanging with people who have known me for years and decades

if this life is for you forever then great - maybe it’s better for some personality types or situations - but it’s rare i think that it’s fulfilling as having a community and bonded relationships- this is a heads up to the twenty somethings that just dream for this life forever or embark on it without much restraint for the stuff that takes more work and time

be intentional - take time to reflect often - are you really living in what will be conducive to your long term priority - how long do you want to do this still or for- there’s no one answer for all maybe but just be mindful of the present moments —-seeing relality and consequences -before it’s too late

🌟🌟have any of you been able to stay still when the thought of travel fun lures you 🌟🌟


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