Hey guys i am in colombia with my girlfriend at the moment and there is still a lockdown going on and it seems that it will be that way for a longer time. I mean i can live with most of the restrictions, no restaurants partys etc... but what me bothers is that we also cant receive any visits and also cant go for a walk at the beach together with our dog and also are not allowed to swim, even at the hours when its allowed to exercise. I am aware that we are in a health crisis but some restrictions are just insane or should i say making us insane?! Seeing 1-2 friends in a month or going alone for a swim shouldnt be prohibited in my opinion.

So we are thinking when the airports open up to move for a while to another country(sept-oct). Preferable at the same continent. A country that takes this health crisis serious but also dont cuts to harsh in our individual freedoms.

We have a dog with us. I am from switzerland and my gf from paraguay if thats relevant. Thanks for your input!


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