1. Flights to Poland are suspended.

  2. Flights to Equatorial Guinea are suspended.

  3. Flights to Afghanistan are suspended.

  4. Guinea's borders are closed

  5. Passengers are not allowed to enter Hungary

  6. Passengers are not allowed to enter Slovakia

  7. Passengers are not allowed to enter Aruba until 31 May 2020

  8. Namibia's borders are closed until 5 May 2020

  9. Bhutan Visa on arrival is suspended.

  10. Barbados (BGI) is closed until 3 May 2020

  11. Passengers are not allowed to enter Armenia until 14 May 2020


  1. UAE: Flexible visa schemes announced; free testing for workers; movement permit only once in 3 days

  2. Kazakhstan May Extend Suspension of Visa Waiver For Chinese and Indian Nationals

  3. India extends suspension of all foreign visa, incoming passengers through immigration check posts until May 3

  4. Temporary Entry Ban to EU via Sweden Extended for a Month due to COVID-19

  5. Trump Claims He Will Temporarily Ban Immigration Into The US In Response To The Coronavirus

  6. FAQ: Travel Restrictions & Impact of COVID-19 on Ireland Visas and Immigration

  7. Massive drop in number of invites issued for permanent residency visa

  8. COVID-19: Canada, US and Mexico Borders Closure Extended

  9. Thailand extends visa relief for foreigners until August

  10. Sri Lanka eyes post-Coronavirus tourism with tighter visa, health rules

  11. Austria Reopens Svecina and Sentilj Border Crossings

  12. Iceland Establishes Temporary Internal Border Controls for 10 Days

  13. Norway Permits Delayed Entry for New Residence Permit Holders

  14. Latest COVID-19 update: Australian government announces further changes to student visa work conditions

  15. Cyprus extends coronavirus flight ban to May 17 馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃槀馃槀馃槀


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