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Get $200 cash when you spend $2K on your debit card within 90 days

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How to open a Free US bank account 100% remotely and without SSN?
The process is simple; UI is great and within 2 days you'll have a shiny USD check-in business account ready to collect payments from your clients. The best part is that SSN is not required which is required by other options. 

0. Have a registered US business entity
1. Passport copy (upload)
2. EIN certificate (this is the tax number of your US business, usually you apply when registering your business or company in the US). 

Processing/approval time:
48-72 hours. Mine was processed in 29 hours.

$0 maintenance fee
$0 wire transfer fees both domestic and international. 
This is huge coz our projects take time and we need to pay our VAs and contractors. Ideal for both US-based and global nomads. 

We reached out to Mercury to spread their products and support our community, everyone in this group will get $200 cash when they use a debit card for 2K in 90 days. So forever free account + $200 cash. 
*It's a fintech, not a bank, they offer FDIC-insured bank accounts. :)