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5% OFF on Application for Digital Nomad Residency Malta

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🌞The Sunny Home Of Expats & Nomads🌞

Who are we and what do we do? 

Nomad Visa Malta helps digital nomads and ex-pats obtain an EU residency in Malta by getting them the right documents, administration, logistics, and housing without breaking the bank or wasting endless hours researching. We’re someone you can call up at a moment's notice to fix any challenges that a new country may come along with. 

What are the benefits of this visa? 

  • This 1-year residency is renewable at 300e per year. With travel throughout the EU Schengen area.​
  • If you're a digital nomad who is not from the EU, this Visa is for you!
  • For any dependents or partners. (That includes same-sex marriages) They may be included in the application.

Why Malta?

  • Cosmopolitan: Go from rural Gozo to bustling St Julian's. Home to music festivals and yoga retreats.
  • Culture & History: With 80 village feasts, the whole island lights up with community vibes.
  • Expat community: 22% of the population is an immigrant.

How can we help you?

☑ Settle and move in Malta as a digital nomad without all the headaches that come with travelling

☑ Get your logistics, administration and housing sorted before arriving

☑ Get the new Digital Nomad Residency which is a 1-year residency permit to legally live in Malta & anywhere in the EU while working remotely. 

☑ Negotiate on your behalf for local real estate

☑ Join Malta’s biggest digital nomad community with 1,300+ members and counting

☑ Your local fixer who will help you with everything from a Pet Passport to solving unforeseen problems

Discount: 5% when applying with NOMAD VISA MALTA

How to Claim: Contact Nomad Visa Malta and mention the code “DNN” when booking your full-service. They offer free consultation! :)