What is SEO and why you definitely need it.

Maddalena Z.
15 Mar, 2021
4 min read
Maddalena Z.
15 Mar, 2021
4 min read


As difficult as it may seem to you, SEO is a fundamental topic for today's digital nomads, blog writers, business owners and you need to understand it better if you want to achieve success and an edge over the competition. Google does not forgive! 

If you need had the opportunity to delve  into this subject, don't worry, with this article you have the opportunity to do it.

Read on and find out everything you need to know about SEO and how to optimize the content on your website that will allow you to make money with your blog in the future.

  • What is SEO?

First, you need to understand what SEO is. As you can guess, the latter is not a real word, but it is an English acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. 

SEO is the job you have to do if you want to optimize a content, making it quality, managing to conquer the first page of Google.

You must always remember that if you look after SEO in an excellent way you could increase your visits and indeed you could be able to collect visitors from all over the world.

SEO, as you can understand, is quite complex, and there are no shortcuts (sorry!) so if you want to deepen there are specialized schools such as Digital Coach that offer basic SEO courses or even courses in SEO Manager specializations.


  • How does SEO work?

If you have some experience in this world, you may have already guessed what SEO can do for you. However, if you are approaching such topics for the first time you may still have difficulties.

For this reason, to better understand how SEO works, it is appropriate to give an example. Imagine that you run a traveling blog.

You decide to launch a selling platform, to sell your personalised local guides.  Now, if you concentrate and optimize the word or keyword "local guides" within your site, you will be able to achieve incredible success, because whenever a user types this keyword in their Google searches, the search engine will make your site come out among the first results.

This would greatly increase your chances of being seen and noticed by other people. Consequently, visits to your portal would also increase dramatically.

Do you understand why SEO is really important? You must not take it for granted and always drop a hint of the #keyword in your articles.

  • What aspects to take care of to improve SEO?


At this point you can ask yourself what aspects you need to improve if you want to take care of the SEO of your site. 

Thanks to your commitment you will be able to improve all the details that will allow you to have a flawless site from an SEO point of view.

First, you need to improve the security of your site. In particular, you must try to install the SSL certificate that makes your portal obtain the HTTPS module.

This way Google can identify your web pages as safe and not suspicious. Again, you have to take care of your content as much as possible. Copied content will be spotted by the spiders, so be really careful. And also In this way you will be able to obtain unique and original content, that will increase your credibility and sales .

This also means that you have to pay attention to aspects such as link building, use of keywords, keyword density and so on.

You also need to understand that to be successful with SEO you have to write grammatically correct content that is simple to read and very direct, without too many words.

  • When can improvements be noticed?


This is the most asked question, as very often it leads to much frustrations. Unfortunately patience is the key. SEO improvements are only possible to notice after some time. Your website will slowly raise the Search Results ladder. Until then, don't give up!