Egypt for Digital Nomads during Covid-19

Shrouk Elaasy
08 Mar, 2021
3 min read
Shrouk Elaasy
08 Mar, 2021
3 min read


For a digital nomad searching for a relaxed, cheap, and nice place with good WIFi during the  Covid-19 pandemic, Egypt could be your next destination.


Specifically, let me take you to the east of Egypt, introducing the calmness and beauty at Dahab. Dahab is a small town very famous among tourists with a very friendly environment for them.

There you can find sea, mountains, and variety of hotel and hostels according to your budget. In Dahab you can also find one of the best snorkeling areas around the Red Sea, surrounded by amazing mountains and desert, and hundreds of starts at night.


There are also coworking spaces that have been made specifically for Digital Nomads. But make sure that your accommodation place provides Wi-Fi service because the mobile data isn't good in Egypt regardless of the provider. The average internet speed in Egypt is 31.38 mbps for download and it’s aimed of reaching 40 mbps by the end of 2021. Bring your triple converted with you because all the outlets in Egypt are double.


From Dahab you can head to other places like Sharm Elshiekh or Hurghada. There are direct flights from Europe to Sharm Elshiekh, which is 30 mins away from Dahab. You wouldn't even need to pass by Cairo, which is the most crowded city in Egypt. If you like hiking at the weekends, you can head to Saint Catherine, where there are lot of mountains with different degrees of difficulty to hike and local guides. However, be aware that these places much more expensive than Dahab.


Egypt is very cheap: 1 USD = 15 L.E and 1 Euro = 18 L.E. There are ATMs almost everywhere, and you can use credit cards at hotels, big shops, restaurants.


There is no restrictions now regarding Covid_19 in Egypt except wearing face masks at the public transportations, but all hotel, and restaurants are committed to sterilization procedures.


Egypt visa is one of the easiest to get in the world. Most nationalities can get 30-day visas from the airport as soon as they arrive, and can easily extend them for three months.


Regarding Covid-19, the official numbers about infections aren't necessarily accurate, but the situation isn't bad here, especially at small cities like Sinai, and Siwa. Siwa is an oasis in the west of Egypt but is not especially good for Digital nomads because of the high temperature there.


Most of youths in Egypt knows English, which often surprises tourists. The political situation is very stable now, and the country is quite safe over the past 10 years.


There are a few things to remember for women traveling alone. If you need to go to any non-touristy place, you should cover your arms and legs, but you don’t need to cover your hair. The safest and best way to move from one place to another within the same city is to use Uber.

We don’t recommend big cities like Alexandria or Cairo since they can be unsafe at times. However, at the touristic places like all of Sinai, Siwa, Luxor, the situation is much better and safer because people are used to seeing and dealing with tourists.


Don’t hesitate to make Egypt your next destination.