Is Nissan Office Pod Caravan good for Digital Nomads?

Danish Soomro
19 Feb, 2021
3 min read
Danish Soomro
19 Feb, 2021
3 min read


The Japanese car company Nissan unveiled the Nissan Caravan Office Pod (NV350) concept on YouTube last week, which is a top story in the digital nomad community. Even before the news, digital nomads had already been posting their road trip plans with refurbished mobile homes and office pods. 

With remote working becoming a part of regular life, Nissan seized the opportunity to jump on the trend,  offering an option for those who can't stand working from home — or those who simply want a change of scenery. 

What is it?

The Nissan Caravan Office Pod is a caravan or mini RV with a slide-out office pod fearing a Herman Miller office chair. However, it is much more than a mobile workstation – it is a fully mobile van at the bliss point of a productive environment of an office and a quiet vacation. . Is it ideal for Digital nomad lifestyle? Well, it could be if we add some features to it 😊 continue reading…

After work party time

Nissan Office Pod Features:

  1. A slide-out office pod at the back of the van.
  2. A professional office desk paired with a Herman Miller Cosm chair.
  3. Transparent poly-carbonate flooring, which allows views of nature under the car, and edge lighting.
  4. An inverter-based electrical system for running the coffeemaker and other devices.
  5. Electric-powered window shades to block excess sunlight and provide privacy.
  6. An anti-bacterial UV lamp in the glove compartment.


Its an only a concept at this stage. Pricing is not set out. Maybe you wanna reach to Nissan Japan and get a rough estimate and update the Digital Nomad Nation as well. 

How about off-road adventure support?

Moreover, digital nomads are also eager to find out what off-road support Nissan would be able to offer.  With Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite Internet technology that grants internet access to even the most remote corners of the world, some digital nomads will take advantage of the opportunity to venture into the wildest remote destinations they can work from.

While the Caravan Office Pod is not intended for the most rugged exploration, Nissan strives to give it the look and feel of an adventure machine. The vehicle’s distinctive body cladding gives it a rugged custom look, and the accentuated wheel arches draw attention to the BF Goodrich all-terrain tires. 

Nissan does not mention four-wheel drive specifically in its brief written description, but the vehicle does offer the NV350 with a 4WD system, which would certainly help to round out its all-terrain capabilities. 

Full view
rooftop chill out place after long hours

Source: Nissan


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