Defining lifestyle management is quite simple if you think about it. It means having service contractors manage their clients’ personal lifestyle requests. These contractors, also referred to as lifestyle consultants, specialize in certain areas to get the best possible results.

Now why would someone require such services? There are a lot of reasons to choose from, but most commonly we find that people are either too busy or lack the proper resources and expertise to carry out these tasks. Professional assistance is therefore needed so they outsource their lifestyle wants and needs to a lifestyle consultant.

Lifestyle consultants differ from personal assistants as they focus on a portfolio of clients rather than solely on one person.

They also differ from travel agents as their reach is beyond conventional travel services and experiences.

A concierge would be the closest similarity because they provide a broader spectrum of services to improve their clients’ lifestyle. As a matter of fact, many in the lifestyle management industry refer to themselves as lifestyle concierges.

The word lifestyle is a general term that can include a wide range of wants and needs. Taking into account its extensive nature, lifestyle consultants can assist you in everything from managing personal errands, to achieving fitness and nutrition goals, to organizing once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Whatever you are looking to fulfil in your personal lifestyle, there will be a consultant available to address it.

There are many providers who deliver a service, meeting their client’s expectations. However, the million dollar question is: Did they include additional embellishment to ensure a memorable experience? Once additional frills are included, a “lifestyle” is no longer the most appropriate term. If the consultant went above and beyond, exceeding their clients’ expectations and adding those special touches, then this approach is in a class of its own. It’s no longer just a lifestyle; it’s a frillstyle.