The World's first e-Nation (beta)

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Digital Nomads Nation is the world's first e-nation and private network of global digital nomads. Our transnational community is founded on our shared remote working lifestyle, passion for exploring the world, and identity as global citizens.

We overcome our differences and unite through our global e-citizenship. We believe that, as an organized community with unique needs and interests, we can collectively partner with governments and organizations to address modern challenges of not only the digital nomad lifestyle, but also of issues we witness around the world.


Our mission is to provide members with resources, form partnerships with business and governments, and advocate for global issues on behalf of all digital nomads.


Digital Nomad Resource Platform

It is not always easy to be a digital nomad. We routinely deal with trip planning, remote work challenges, and loneliness. This is why we provide a platform to make lives easier. On the DNN web application, digital nomads can:

  • Browse conversations on our feed and access knowledge about the lifestyle.
  • Find and list remote homes specifically for digital nomads.
  • Find and post remote jobs that can be done anywhere in the world.
  • Access our remote worker database and network with other professionals.
  • Research remote career options using our career exploration tool.
  • Browse our city guides for top digital nomad destinations and find flight deals.
  • Make friends and find people to travel, work, or live with.
  • Access our online and in-person events to learn, socialize, and network.
  • Take advantage of our exclusive discounts with businesses that serve digital nomads.

Digital Nomad Network

In addition to connecting digital nomads with resources, we are equally committed to connecting digital nomads with one another and remote work opportunities. We organize:

  • Coffee chats and digital nomad events both on- and offline.
  • Online and in-person events hosted by our ambassadors and by us.
  • A social database that introduces digital nomads based on citizenship and location.
  • A professional database that matches companies with remote professionals worldwide.

Digital Nomad Activism & Advocacy

As digital nomads who call the world our home, we are responsible for tackling global issues collectively. We advocate to address issues such as poverty, education, climate change, and human rights by connecting volunteers with local nonprofits. 

Moreover, we advocate on behalf of digital nomads to public and private organizations worldwide on:

  • Long-term visas for digital nomads.
  • Legitimization of virtual residency status.
  • Favorable taxation for digital nomads.
  • Remote banking and business management options.

Global citizenship to solve global issues

We offer the idea of Global citizenship and identity to remote workers in order to face global issues which could only be solve with a sense of global responsibilities. We will foster Digital activism to mobilize individuals across the world for goals of equal human rights, global justice and climate protection.


Selected Global Community

Everyone is welcome to join who is a:

  • Remote worker & Digital nomad  or want to be a digital nomad (most welcome)
  • Anyone Feel Citizen of the world in their heart.
  • Share our values of compassion, kindness and action. (read below our full values)
  • Be connected with one another, disentangled from physical borders, collaborate and act at a distance.
  • Share global responsibility, even if limited and with a weak sense of agency, take actions which creates local impact with a global national boundaries.


At Digital Nomads Nation, we are:

Warm & Kind

We exude energy of kindness and warmth, allowing us to connect with people from all over the world. As hosts, we welcome people from around the world; as guests, we respect each place we visit and leave it better than we find it.

Diverse & Open-Minded

We recognize our different backgrounds and perspectives, but believe that fundamentally we are all global citizens, and aren’t that different after all.

Giving & Socially Conscious

We aim to give more than we receive and value collaboration over competition. We prioritize the wellbeing of our community over our individual agendas.

Bold & Curious

We embrace discomfort and recognize that growth only takes place outside the comfort zone. We move because we are never too satisfied by what we already know, and want to experience all that the world has to offer.

Proactive & Fun

Life is short, so we need to take action, chase our dreams, and have some fun. We prefer  active participation over passive observation, and friendliness over formality.