First e-Nation of 130K Digital Nomads

Start & Manage Remote Life = work. homes. skills. trips. dating. socialize.

Nation Agenda = Global identity & organised efforts to fix visas, taxes & operating remote companies.

Nation’s Platform is dedicated to solve 4 Digital Nomads Problems

Remote Homes

Remote Work

Remote Career

Remote Companies
& Relocation (immigration)

Remote Homes

Search apartments, coliving and exotic homes made for Digital Nomads

Group rent with DNs

High speed internet

Office desk & Chair

Remote Work

Get a remote job, freelance project and insider opportunities.

Remote projects

Create work & agency profile to get hired

Community submitted unpublished jobs

Remote Companies & Cities

Visa & high risk alerts to ensure free mobility and safety of Digital Nomads in 200 countries.

Start remote companies guide

Long-stay visas help from immigrations lawyers

Global Identity & Citizenship

Remote Careers & Skills

Explore 1000+ general careers paths and 100+ remote career paths

Top 20 in-demand skills by 2030

Upskill with digital nomad community

Verified & Curated courses from around the web

Apps For Members

Digital Nomads Life Management Apps.

Community chat messenger


Travel together matching

DN flight search

Digital Nomads Dating

How to Become a Digital Nomad?

Systemetic approach, Path & Tracks, Designed by 100K digital nomads.


  • Transform your Current Job to Remote
  • Remote Employee
  • Remote Freelancer
  • Startup / business (location independent)
  • Early Retire (FIRE Framework)
  • Gap year to build


  • Personality tests
  • Analysis of transferable skills
  • Upskilling & training plan
  • Goal setting based on track
  • 30 tasks with deadlines
  • Accountability
  • Path completed


  • Freedom to work & live anywhere
  • Increased quality of life
  • Enhanced life experience
  • Travel the world
  • Improved well being
  • 30 second commute