Thank you for taking interest.

We are in a process of building a digital nomads nation. Its really an exciting project and you can shape its future. We are trying to mimic the real world nation its just our Nation will be way cooler hehe. We are going to create a lot of sub-projects under the umbrella of Nation and set cool examples for the world, it would not be too much to say that we are going to shape the future of work and generate new lifestyles which are quality of life centric, focus on human well being and are conscious about planet and other species. Its a win-win outcome isnt it?

We are looking for help - few hours a week. You will get perks in return and tons of connections.

We are looking for people to lead Ministries

We are looking for leaders who could lead the Ministries. We will create ministries for Health, Communication, Planet, Opportunities, Entrepreneurs and others you suggest.

We are looking for City Mayors

Do you know your home town well, do you wanna show it to the world? We are looking for volunteers who could write guides, add resources to the listing.

Interns or people want to become Digital Nomads

IF you are looking to become a digital nomad in the future, please join us to help us out you will work with veteran digital nomads first hand. You will know many secrets fosure.

Are you a corporate refugee?

If you are willing to help us to manage corporate strategic partnerships please connect with us. You will get perks, opportunities and connections in digital nomad world

Volunteers needed for:
Task Description
Ministry of Opportunities
This ministry focuses on creating new opportunities & mapping the existing opportunities with digital nomads. apply now :)
Marketing Interns
We are the coolest project you can do your internship with. You will learn about digital marketing and analytics. Rewards for interns & volunteers. Apply nowww :)
PR Volunteers or Interns
Would you like to lead the Public Relations for the Nation? Its gonna be a great learning experience. Apply now :)
Partnership Volunteers & Interns
We will be making tons of partnership and strategic alliances in the Digital & corporate world. Great experience, connections and rewards. Apply for it :).
Ministry of Happiness
Best work to bring happiness to people. You will create content & awareness. Apply now :)
Ministry of Startups
Help people to connect with greatest resources, tools and programs to get their startups up and running. Apply now :)
Admins to manage Chatting rooms
Get rewards to manage the chatting rooms. Its fun. and you make tons of DN friends. Apply now :)
Ministry of Health & Wellbeing
You will create awareness about healthy lifestyle, mindfulness, yoga and general fitness. Apply now :)
Create your own ministry and lead it
Do you think there is something of significance which could contribute to humans, species or planet as a whole? Why dont you lead it? :) Connect here :)